Training on Project Cycle Management, Project Proposal Writing and Strategic Planning, 19-22 March 2013, Banja Koviljaca, Serbia

As agreed before during stakeholders meetings, during March SWG supposed to organize set of trainings on Project Cycle Management, Project Proposal Writing and Strategic Planning within SWG EC Project: “Preparation for Implementation of the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach in the Western Balkans”. Target group for this training were stakeholder groups from the cross-border regions of “Drina-Tara” and “Drina-Sava”. In a same time with training, as scheduled previously, second meeting of the Stakeholders` Group of the cross-border regions “Drina-Tara” and “Drina-Sava” was organized.

This training is first of several trainings which aims to consolidate Stakeholder Groups in order to increase their capacities, and to continue whit their work on identification of joint problems, focus on them and develop and improve already defined project ideas. Building of capacities of Stakeholder Groups, in this case, is consist of several measures focused on, specifically for this training, Strategic Planning, Project Cycle Management and Project Proposal Writing.

Participants at these trainings were members of Stakeholder Groups from regions “Drina-Tara” and “Drina-Sava” from civil and public sector. Training approach was ‘learning-by-doing’ and due to very good working conditions participants were able to work in several groups according to their interest. After first day and training on Project cycle management, when we all worked in one group, for second and third day we divide in to two separate workshops: Project Proposal Writing and Strategic Planning. Participants decided on themselves where to join but in general intention was to have decision making trainees (mainly from municipalities and public sector but also from NGO sector) at Strategic Planning session and operative staff at Project Proposal Writing session.