12th Ethno Food and Drink Fair, 22-25 November 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe, within the SWG GIZ project “Rural development through integrated forest and water resources management in Southeast Europe: Rural perspectives: qualification, reintegration and (self) employment”, will support the organization of the regional manifestation “12th Ethno Food and Drink Fair”. This event will be organized by the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor and will be held in the period from 22-25 November 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The aim of the regional manifestation “12th Ethno Food and Drink Fair” is to support small-scale producers, to give them voice and visibility, and to provide them with the tools needed to be able to do business in better conditions. The primary goal of this event is joint presentation, cooperation with other value chain actors, in order to enhance visibility and knowledge of local producers from the cross-border regions “Drina-Tara” and “Drina –Sava”. Through exhibition, workshops and tasting sessions this Fair will demonstrate how food and traditions can be drivers of economic development.

Every year, the Ethno Food and Drink Fair in Belgrade is visited by an increasing number of business visitors and audience. At the last event, there were 6,615 visitors from Serbia and abroad who had the opportunity to visit the event with over 380 domestic and 20 foreign exhibitors. Producers of meat, dairy products, honey, herbs, juices, marmalade, and brandy products from the SWG cross-border regions “Drina-Tara” and “Drina-Sava” from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro will present themselves on 30m2 of the branded stand of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Western Serbia, Belgrade Fair Hall 3: Agricultural household Stojanovic (village Mackat, Cajetina), Mini Dairy “Nasa Zlatka” (village Kriva Reka, Cajetina), Agricultural householld Ojdanic (village Ravni, Uzice), Sophie fruit (Prijepolje), Stara Zlatiborka plus (Uzice), Agricultural household “Gacica magaza“ (Bogatic), Agricultural household Budimirovic (Bogatic), Company “Prirodno” (village Ljeljenci, Bijeljina), COD “Luna” (Rudo), Agricultural household Zeljko Macanovic (village Glibici, Pljevlja), Besim Salkovic (village Potkrajci, Bijelo Polje), Dusan and Cana Joksimovic (Bijelo Polje).

For the visitors of the Fair, two presentations of local traditional products from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are specially designed:

  • MOUNTAIN TEA – November 24, 2017 from 17:00-18:00 at the stand of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Western Serbia – tasting traditional tea from medicinal herbs in combination with products of buckwheat and berry fruit jams from the mountains and valleys of the cross-border regions.
  • THE TASTE OF MOUNTAIN – November 25, 2017 from 12:00-13:00 on the central stand “Ethno Backyard”- preparation, presentation and tasting of “ethno classic cocktails” (local products in classic cocktails) and mountain snacks (jelly with kajmak and nettle, cheese and Zlatibor prosciutto, buckwheat cake with raspberry from the Lim Valley).