Thematic Conference “Cross-border cooperation and management of risks from natural hazards in the region Drina-Sava” 28th January, 2015, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia

The thematic conference on the topic “Cross-border cooperation and management of risks from natural hazards in the Drina-Sava region” gathered representatives from the public and NGO sector from 13 municipalities how worked in thematic groups and prepare strategic guidelines on partnership and further cooperation.

Management of natural hazards risk‘s is an area out of the main focus in the region, especially bearing in mind the consequences of the recent floods, which are directly associated primarily with the sector of the environment, but also to all socio-economic sectors. Therefor, this thematic meeting gathered key stakeholders from the cross-border region „Drina-Sava“ (representatives of local communities and non-governmental sector) how develop common strategies / guidelines for cross-border cooperation in the management of risks from natural hazards.

Thematic sessions consisted of three modules:

  • Methodological approach to assessing environmental damage due to flooding;
  • Risk projections scenario models: climate change, floods, drought and
  • The dialogue of all stakeholders: Establishing partnerships – a platform for cross-border cooperation to manage risks from natural hazards.